Jay-Z First Daughter Jasmine Carter Is Seeking Financial Help! She Claims Jay-Z Hasn’t Paid A Penny In Child Support

NEW YORK CITY – According to reports, Jay-Z’s first daughter, Jasmine Carter, has recently reached out to Jay-Z for unpaid child support and financial help.

Jasmine, age 17, has reached out to the media in hopes that her father would finally decide to help her financially. According to Jasmine, she recently found out her father was Jay-Z. “He was never there for me”, said Jasmine, “I didn’t know who my father was until i asked my mom. She told me it was Jay-Z, i was shocked. Apparently he has no idea he has another daughter other than Blue Ivy. My dad out here driving Bentley’s and drinking champagne, and i’m over here driving a 1998 Camry and drinking my tears”, finished Jasmine according to Jasmins mother she hasn’t receive a penny from Jay-Z whose real name is Shawn Corey Carter.

According to Jasmine, this would be news to the rapper. Having no idea he had a daughter with a woman 17 years ago. Jasmine and her mother are currently seeking for at least $5M USD from Jay. We have yet to receive a response from Jay, however, we are expecting one very soon; and from Beyoncé as well.

Kanye West Hospitalized After Friends Report He Was Thinking About Suicide

Kanye West was reportedly hospitalized tonight. According to NBC News, who cite “multiple authorities familiar with the case,” West was under observation at a Los Angeles hospital. One of NBC’s sources said that L.A. police responded to a medical welfare call, and West was hospitalized “for his own health and safety.” Earlier today, it was revealed that Kanye had canceled his remaining tour dates. Pitchfork have reached out to West’s representatives for comment.

After recently voicing his support for Donald Trump, he cut off his last show early after sharing some harsh words for Jay Z, Beyoncé, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others.

According To Authorities; Clowns Nationwide Are Preparing To Purge Halloween Night!

After the nationwide clown scare during the months of September and October seemed to die down a little, authorities are warning that this is merely the beginning.

According to authorities, clowns nationwide are preparing a “purge” that will take place on the night of Halloween— the 31st of October. Oklahoma City police arrested three clowns Monday night. The three men were arrested after multiple witnesses called 911. Oklahoma police later revealed that these clowns admitted to planning a nationwide purge on Halloween, a purge that will consist of thousands of clowns around the country. According to the three clowns arrested, the clowns will rob, beat, and even kill anyone they see walking down the street, including Children, who will be Trick-or-treating.

Authorities are advising everyone to be home before the sun sets and to NOT let children go trick-or-treating. “We understand that children and even teenagers and adults like to be out on Halloween having a good time. But this is much bigger than Halloween, these people[clowns] will be purging that night, and we must protect ourselves at all costs. Lock your doors and have your legally acquired firearm ready if you have one.” said Oklahoma City Police Chief William Citty.

Police in almost every city are conduction investigations in an attempt to find out more information about this alleged purge and how to stop it, if possible. Stay tuned for more information in the near future.