What Are The Kayaks?

Kayak fishing has been gaining popularity recently because of it being an environmentally healthy method of transportation. Before coming onto Kayak fishing, Why don’t we get to know about Kayaks itself.

A Kayak is a narrow, small watercraft made first by the Native Americans to hunt on rivers and on North Pacific Oceans. In early times, Kayaks were made out of wood, covered by animal skins (mostly seal). Now there are inflatable Kayaks available too. A lot of the time some people confuse Kayaks with Canoes, but let’s not be one of them. The difference between a Kayak and a Canoe is mainly the sitting position of a person. In a Canoe, a person kneels facing forward with a single-bladed paddle while in a Kayak a person sits with their legs in front facing forward with a double-bladed paddle.

There are different types of Kayaks, and each Kayak and be identified by its design. The designs of kayaks are very important to their purpose of serving.

The Leisure Kayaks

Because of having a light weighed body, this kayak is mainly for beginners, as it is easy to control or    maneuver. But keeping in mind that all kayaks are well built, this kayak can survive any weather despite its light weight.

The Ocean Kayaks

These Kayaks are very tough in nature and can withstand violent situations in waters. This Kayak can store food or other supplies for up to two days which makes it qualified for longer routes, and journeys. Another name for them can be tour kayaks.

The Fishing Kayaks

With being sleek and narrow with their bodies, these kayaks get used for fishing purposes. Fishing kayaks have two main kind. The first kind gives a person space to move it free, but the second one is called the ideal to be used in waters if dealt fine.